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Curtain Top Treatments, Hems & Extras

You'll need to select a top treatment for your curtains. You might choose a pin stitched hem a well. A basic rod pocket top and blind hem are included in the labor cost for a curtain panel. If you are using your own hardware, we will want to know the diameter of your rod. To calculate how many rings or tabs you will need, figure one every 6 inches plus 1 extra at the end, or contact us for assistance.

We use two hems for our curtains. Our most popular hem is the Pin Stitch which uses a wing needle and darning thread to catch the folded hem and pull together vertical threads along a drawn thread line. The Pin Stitch can be decoration enough for windows. Pin Stitched curtains are best unlined and we can not pin stitch on velvet. Pin stitching is $18 per width.

We also can use a plain invisible machine hem stitch (as you would see on a skirt or pants) for both bottom and side finishes.

Simple self-fabric hold backs are another alternative for clearing the curtains of the window for more light. They hook with small metal loops to a tiny cup hook that screws in to the molding. 1 1/2 " wide x 12" long. Hold backs are $18 per pair.

Our most popular top is the simple rod pocket, standard at 1 1/2 inches deep, it can accommodate a rod of up to 1" in diameter. If you need a deeper rod pocket, please let us know.
Tabs are a good finish foreliminating some bulk on the curtain rod. They enable you to open your curtains more than a simple rod pocket. Tabs are 3/4" wide and 1 1/2" face length & are spaced approximately 6" apart. Of course, we do custom tabs in any width or length at no extra charge. All tabs are $2.00 per tab.

With or without pleats, rings eliminate the most bulk on the rod and are the best choice to clear your curtains well off your windows for maximum light. All our hardware have rings available to fit the rods. Small eyelet rings for 3/8" rod are $1.70 including sewing. Other rings are priced separately from sewing. We space rings approximately 6" apart and we will also sew your own rings on for you for $1.35 per ring.


Single or double (depending on fullness) pinch-pleats will control fullness for even less bulk on rods. Rings are extra but drapery hooks are included. Pleating costs $30.00 per panel, not including sewing on rings.