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Pricing for Custom Work

All our window treatments are made to order. You can calculate prices for curtains or Roman shades here & add up what you want for a final cost but please feel free to contact us for an estimate. Roller shade pricing is on the roller shade page. Applique design prices are also here but please see the stencil page for pricing & information if you would like to add a stencil to your window treatments. If you'd like a custom design, we can do that as well. Pricing for cushions is here as well, but you should refer to our custom cushion page for more information and ideas.

HOW TO ORDER CURTAINS: Use the Work Sheet to calculate your costs or use it as a check list, then call us for an estimate. Your order will include a labor cost for basic construction, as well as special items such as pin stitched hems or appliqué labor, and materials cost for your fabric (see Samples). Hardware to go with a curtain order is also a separate item. It is quite likely you will need to view the curtain info page and contact us and we expect this for custom work. CUSTOM WORK IS NOT RETURNABLE, SO PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ASK QUESTIONS.

pricing for curtains1.jpg

HOW TO ORDER ROMAN SHADES: Review your choices on our Roman shade page. Although Roman shades are usually more than curtains, remember all hardware is included. Roman shades are priced by the square foot. Multiply desired width x length and divide inches by 144 for square foot measurement. Round off to highest square foot. Add 6" to width when figuring yardage....or please call us for an estimate with no obligation.

roman shade pricing.jpg

HOW TO CUSTOM CUSHIONS FOR CHAIRS, BENCHES AND INGLENOOKS: We will make custom cushions for built-ins, inglenooks, chairs and benches. Please review your choices on our cushions page. Cushions are available in Dacron covered foam. Dacron covered foam makes a firm square cushion with the Dacron covering slightly softening the cushion edges. Price includes Dacron covered cushion with cotton cover and box edge cushion cover with zipper and cording at edges, but does not include cover fabric or applique or stencil motif. Dacron covered foam, up to 24" deep.
2" high $45.00 per foot of length
3" high $60.00 per foot of length
4" high $75.00 per foot of length
Please round up to nearest 1/2 foot. We will also do cushions over 24" deep and in custom shapes such as notched corners to custom fit inglenooks or curved seats for special chairs. For more information or an estimate, please contact us.

CHOOSE AN APPLIQUÉ OR STENCIL: Choose an embroidered or stencil design in any color you wish from our color palette & have it applied anywhere you wish on your curtain, shade, cushion or other textile. You'll find our appliqué and stencil collections under the 'Embroidery & Stenciling' header.

ORDER A CUSTOM DESIGN: ...a service for whatever you need... All our designs are made to order. You select the colors and fabric, top and hem finish, and fullness that's best for you and, of course, our curtains are made to order for any odd-sized windows. Our custom design service is for something a bit extra. We can create a custom design by mail or fax from photocopies, sketches or any information that you can provide. For a small design fee, we will submit color sketches for your approval, along with itemized costs.Color sketch, swatches and complete estimate from your specifications, $225.00. Revisions and additions, $50.00 per hour.

Here's how it might work:

You have a lovely stained glass window. You need curtains for your front windows and you would like something that works with your stained glass and shows off the natural woodwork of your window frames. You'd like to let in as much light as possible. After a phone consultation, you send us snapshots of your room with a close up of the stained glass and the front window, some swatches of your upholstery fabric and window measurements.

With your information in hand, we call you with some questions on details. Within 2-4 weeks, we send you a full scale sketch with recommended fabric swatches, yardage estimates and construction specifications and costs. You are pleased with our design, but you ask us if we could change one color. We send another swatch for your approval. You approve the design, and we start making your curtains.

In about six to eight weeks (depending on the size of the order), you receive your curtains and hardware with complete installation and maintenance instructions.

We can also make up our applique designs in custom runners & pillows. The pricing works like the curtain pricing....please call for an estimate.

If you would like any of the hand embroidered Melton Workroom's Prairie Textiles in a custom size, please call us. Although the design templates may be fixed, we can usually easily make you a custom sized runner or pillow for a $25 surcharge.