Should my curtains or Roman shades be lined?

In general, simple curtains do not need to be lined, and sheer fabrics like our handkerchief linens and scrims should never be lined. However, there may be times when lining can prolong the life of your Roman shades or curtains by protecting them from sunlight. If your windows face directly in to the sunlight, you may want to line your curtains or Roman shades. We recommend lining them, especially our custom colored linens as they are more subject to fading. We use a cotton fabric made of drapery lining and treated to resist water marking.


For a particularly sunny room, consider interlining. We sew an inner layer of baby flannel between the lining and face fabric for extra insulation or light blocking.


Unlined curtains in heavier linens are opaque enough for most situations. Lining will provide more shade in a bedroom. Black out lining with a polymer coating is available as well and provides more shade but does not completely black out a room.